What is re:Vive by Heru?

A quick summary on the different aspects of the re:Vive by Heru app, including what tests are available and the benefits of using the app!


In this video, we will cover the different aspects of re:Vive by Heru.

re:Vive measures a patient’s field of vision by testing their central and peripheral sight capability. There are different visual field test strategies available like the suprathreshold, 24-2, or 10-2 and foveal test.

re:Vive by Heru is incredibly convenient; it’s portable, lightweight, and it tracks the patient’s eye movement during the test to make sure they are focused in the right place. Additionally, it is interactive; adapting to the patient’s responses in real-time and further gamifying the exam, making it an engaging experience.

Testing can be done in your exam lane, waiting room, or in a traditional pre-test room. The choices are endless because you are not constrained by lighting conditions.

re:Vive is fast, automated and allows you to perform screening on all your patients without slowing you down. It will even automatically detect when a patient requires a full threshold exam and perform the test without the need to schedule another visit, and without ever removing the headset. To enable this feature, just select AutoWorkflow, and re:Vive will take care of the rest. We will go into more detail in another video.