What you will need to perform a Heru Visual Field Test

This video will describe the necessary components required to get started with re:Vive by Heru.


There are a few components for re:Vive by Heru that you will need to get started. 

First, you will need the headset and the controller that goes with it. 

Quick tip! We recommend showing the patient the controller and illustrating that there is just one button: “the bumper” they will need to interact with. All other buttons are obsolete.

Second, you will need a light shield. This is easily applied to the headset as shown.

Third, you will need a desktop, laptop or tablet with access to a web browser to access the Heru portal. It is important to have a reliable wifi signal to perform the test.

Fourth, cleanliness is of utmostimportance. Please ensure you have the necessary wipes on hand for cleaning the components in between each patient.

Finally, you will need trial lenses in the event that you need to compensate for a patient’s correction.