How to position the headset for testing

This video will show the proper placement of the HMD (head-mounted display) for the optimal Heru re:Vive experience.


In this video, we will be reviewing how to position the headset on the patient.

First, clean the head mounted display pads, controller lens holder, and light shield using 60 to 70% isopropyl alcohol.

Both the headset optics and trial lenses need to be cleaned with a soft lens cloth before each patient.

Then secure the light shield to the head mounted display as shown here. To ensure minimal light enters the patient’s view, be sure the shield is sealed well around the headset.

Next, confirm whether the patient will require trial lenses by calculating their distance spherical equivalent. Then insert the trial lenses, placing the lenses in the holder with a soft lens cloth to avoid fingerprints on the lenses. The Lens Holder attaches to the headset using a magnetic connection.

Lastly, you will place the headset on the patient’s head. The band can be expanded and slipped over the patient’s head. Please note that it should rest slightly above horizontal, higher in the back, as shown in the image.