How Heru's ActiveTrak gaze fixation works

This video summarizes how Heru's built in ActiveTrak system monitors fixation losses during the exam, and how to enable/disable it from the Heru portal.


re:Vive by Heru testing starts with ActiveTrack ™ pupil tracking enabled by default.If the patient loses fixation, the Heru Guide will remind the patient to look towards the fixation target while it wobbles to grab their attention.

If the patient regains fixation, then the test will proceed with ActiveTrack™ pupil tracking.

If ActiveTrack™ continues to register the patient’s gaze away from the fixation target, the head mounted display will attempt to automatically recalibrate. The Heru Guide will instruct the patient to complete the quick recalibration.

If for any reason, your patient is struggling to fixate, the remainder of that test will automatically switch to optic nerve head tracking. If this occurs, you will begin to see Fixation Loss tracking in real time on the portal exam view.