How To Connect Your Heru Headset To WiFi

The Heru Headset requires an internet connection. This article explains the steps to connect your Heru Headset to WiFi.

🔎 Powering on your Heru Headset:

    1. To power on your Heru Headset, hold the Power Button on the light pack for 3 seconds.
    2. To power on your controller, hold the Home Button on the controller for 3 seconds.  You will feel a slight vibration when the controller powers on.
    3. Place Heru Headset on your head.  You will see a red Magic Leap logo on the display for 20 seconds. Once the device is ready, you will see the Magic Leap introduction screen.
    4. Using the controller, point to the 'Tap to Continue' prompt, and press the Trigger Button with your finger.
    5. After selecting 'Tap to Continue', the next screen will prompt you to set up a spatial map.  DO NOT set up the spatial map. Instead, select the 'Skip' option to proceed to the home screen.

🔎 Navigate to Settings:

    1. On the Magic Leap home screen, select the Wi-Fi icon as shown below, using the Trigger Button on the controller.
    2. Select the Wi-Fi network you would like to use by pointing to the 'Connect' icon shown below.
    3. Enter your WiFi password, if necessary.
    4. Point to the 'Submit' icon and press the Trigger Button with your finger. 
    5. Once the network connection has been established, you will see a notification on your display that says “Internet Connected”.

💬 After connecting to WiFi successfully, tap the Home Button on the controller twice to navigate back to the home screen, where you will find the Heru app.

📞 If you have any trouble connecting your Heru Device to WiFi, please contact Heru Support at 1-844-SEE-HERU for assistance.