MagicLeap 1 Headset End of Life Q&A

Effective December 31, 2024, our diagnostic software running on the 1st generation Magic Leap 1 headsets will no longer receive updates, maintenance, or technical support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Heru stopping their support for the current headset, and can I still use it for anything else after December 2024?

  • MagicLeap is ending all product support for the MagicLeap 1 device on December 31, 2024.
  • Heru has migrated to a next-generation platform with higher resolution, a larger field of view, and multiple advantages that suit our customers' needs.

Can we evaluate Heru Prime before making a decision?

  • We offer a 30-day trial for all Magic Leap 1 owners who want to try Heru Prime. The fee will be reimbursed if the headset is returned within 7 days of the end of the 30-day trial term.

What do I do with the MagicLeap 1 device? Am I able to return it?

  • Returning your MagicLeap 1 is not required to receive credit for upgrading the new platform. Please follow your local guidelines on how to recycle electronics.

Will I still be able to use my current device albeit without support?

  • Magic Leap is ceasing all Operating System support and functionality of the MagicLeap 1 device on December 31, 2024.  On that date, functionality will end for all applications including Heru's software.

Is additional training required to use Heru Prime?

  • We have significantly improved the user experience on both our technician portal and the new modalities on Heru VF Edition and Heru Prime. We can give you a best practices training whenever you have time. 

What does the timeline look like to transition/upgrade?

  • We expect most clinics to take approximately 10 days to transition to the new platform and can also provide a 30-day trial period.

Will reports between the older and newer devices still be comparable?

  • Yes, all your data collected on the MagicLeap 1 is comparable to the Heru Prime device. Both have a 95% correlation to the standard of care. Please see our study in the Journal of Glaucoma

Will current patient data and reports be affected?

  • No, your current patient and report portal data will be accessible in the Heru Portal using the same login credentials.

How does Heru Prime's higher resolution and larger field of view improve the user experience compared to the MagicLeap 1?  

  • Having a wider FOV will enable future product enhancements. Additionally, the wider FOV has allowed us to enable extra ocular motility which has been added to the Heru Prime. 
  • Regarding resolution, Heru Prime’s near 4K per offers precise and accurate images and accounts for a wider range of pupillary distances. 

What are some specific advantages of Heru Prime that can help streamline our workflow and enhance patient care? 

  • Heru Prime setup allows patients to keep their glasses on for Visual Field and Cover tests—no more trial frames or finding the spherical equivalent. 
  • Thanks to its effective built-in features, Heru Prime’s ambient light management does not require a customer-specific light shield.
  • Heru Prime and Heru VF allow the technician and doctor to stream the live view of the patient's eyes using the EyeStream™ video feed. This increases patient compliance and ensures proper fit before starting the test. 

How many years should I expect to have the new headset?

  • Based on our experience, we expect this new category of diagnostic headsets to be approximately 3 years and have created a support plan for 2nd generation headsets, starting on month 37. Those can be found here.
  • The expected end-of-life of the new Heru VF Edition and Heru Prime devices has not been announced. The hardware provider is solely responsible for such announcements about their headsets. Heru is committed to providing support for the duration of our customer’s contracts and will continue to create support plans during these hardware transitions. 

How does Heru demonstrate its commitment to providing continued support and updates for Heru Prime throughout the lifespan of our contract?

  • Heru is committed to supporting and servicing Heru Prime. We also offer service plans for our 2nd generation devices which begin after the 3-year contract, which can be found here. Our product team is building a robust roadmap to bring the best experiences to our clinics and patients.

How have users responded to the transition to Heru Prime in terms of patient satisfaction and engagement?

  • In our latest patient survey, we received 119 responses, and many patients commented that the experience was easy and enjoyable. 

To schedule a demo or learn more,  please feel free to reach our team here.