How do I use the trial lens holder?

This article will show how to use the lens holder for eye testing with the Magic Leap 1. It is recommended to use the below chart to calculate your distance spherical equivalent in order to find out which prescription lenses are needed.

Spherical equivalent = sphere + (cylinder/2) 




1. Open the lens holder so it looks like the picture shown above. Prepare the patient's prescription lenses for use.


2. Attach the lenses to the clips on the bottom half of the lens holder.


3. The lenses should now be attached as shown in the picture above. Make sure that they're free of any smudges!


4. Close the top half of the lens holder. It should click into place and the lenses should be sticking out. 


5. Insert the lens holder into your Magic Leap 1. You will have to remove the standard insert that comes with the HMD and the forehead pad by pulling them straight out.

Spherical Equivalent Formula


Key in your Contact Lenses Prescription in yellow column

  Sphere Cylinder (CYL) Axis                              
Right (OD) -1.25 -3.5 180                              
Left (OS) -1.25 -4 180                              

These are the power you shall get.

Right -3                                  
Left -3.25                                  
Example 1                                  
  Sphere Cylinder (CYL) Axis                              
Right -2 -1.25 180                              
Left -2.5 -0.5 210                              

Theoretical Spherical equivalent:

Right -2.63

<< closest multiple of -0.25 (such as -2.50 or -2.75) will be the most appropriate for you based on many different considerations. Consult eye doctor for more information

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