What do the lights on my Magic Leap 1's Lightpack mean?

Like the controller, the Magic Leap 1's lightpack contains LEDs that shine through the top of the device, indicating various statuses. Here's what they mean.

Battery Levels


battery-0gif.gif 0% Charged – Sign of Life
Battery is being recovered. Will be unusable until charged to a sufficient level.
battery-5gif.gif 10% Charged
Pattern will blink to indicate charge immediately, if lower than 5%.
battery-50.gif 50% Charged 
battery-70.gif 70% Charged
battery-100.gif 100% Charged





lp_charging_on.gif Charging While Device is Off
lp_charging_off.gif Charging While Device is On


Indicator Status


lp_startup.gif Starting Up
lp_sleep.gif Sleep
lp_awake.gif Awake
lp_devicesearch.gif Device Search
lp_pairing.gif Pairing / Paired
lp_reality.gif Reality

* To leave reality mode, press the reality button again

lp_updatesuccess.gif Updating with Success
lp_updatefailure.gif Updating with Failure
lp_thermalwarning.gif Thermal Warning
lp_softwarefailure.gif Software Failure
lp_hardwarefailure.gif Hardware Failure
lp_audio.gif Audio
Occurs when you press the volume up or down button. Fills counterclockwise to indicate volume level.
lp_shutdown.gif Shutting Down
lp_fastboot.gif Fast Boot
Typically used with the assistance of Customer Care


Note: Product is continually advancing and may be different depending on your version of the software and hardware.


Original article from MagicLeap.care can be found here: https://www.magicleap.care/hc/en-us/articles/360011316312-Lightpack-LED-Status-Indicator