What do my Heru portal icons do?

This article will be your guide to understanding the Heru portal icons and buttons as well as their individual functions.

Title bar icons

Light Theme toggle – Change theme from light to dark for comfortable viewing in a dark room.
Alert – Notifications such as but not limited to pending errors or warnings from ongoing tests.
Information – Display information useful when contacting Heru, Inc. Customer Service.

The following information is displayed when you press the “i” button:

  • Heru, Inc. About Us Information
  • Software and Web Portal Version
  • Contact Information
  • Support Contact Information

Logout – Log out or sign in under a different user.

Operating icons

Accounts: Account management and enables multiple users (staff members) to customize their preferred

Appointments: View appointments database and test data. Create new patients.

Patients: Create new patients, create new appointments for existing patients, and view or edit existing patient data.

Devices: Confirm list of devices, check status, modify details.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions.

Account Settings: Configure Heru Portal Account settings, defaults, change password.

My Profile: Configure Heru portal contact details such as modifying username or password.