What is re:Vive?

The Heru re:Vive is a software solution that works with commercially available Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs) devices.

The Heru re:Vive application measures a patient’s field of vision by testing their central and peripheral sight capability. The application performs static visual field testing to identify and quantify central vision defects.

Stimuli are presented over the patient’s field of view, and according to the response of the patient, a map of the visual field is created to indicate the presence and locations of field defects.  One stimulus will be displayed at a time.  Eye tracking is employed to ensure that the patient is gazing at the fixation target. The Heru re:Vive application works with no pupil dilation (non-mydriatic).

The Heru system provides the speed, flexibility, and precision not available with legacy perimeters.