Connectivity Troubleshooting and WiFi Best Practices Guide

If you are encountering connection issues with your Heru kit, here are some troubleshooting practices to help resolve them.

Connectivity Guide 

Checking internet connectivity 

Wired - Is there connectivity using hard-wired computers? 

  •  Confirm ethernet connectivity
    •  Green/amber light typically lights up when connected 
    •  Screen icon with plug shows near the clock (Windows) 

Wireless – Is there connectivity using computers on WiFi? 

    • • Confirm WiFi connectivity o Radio icon with “strength” bars shows near the clock (Windows) indicates connected 

    •  An “Airplane” icon indicates airplane mode and WiFi is disabled 

    • A sphere with a small, slashed circle indicates no connectivity 

      On Mac
    • Confirm WiFi connectivity on the top right on the screen near the date and time
      Screen Shot 2021-12-29 at 3.46.25 PM
    • A WiFi symbol greyed out with a slash on top of it indicates no connectivity
      Screen Shot 2021-12-29 at 3.46.38 PM

Basic Connectivity Tests 


 Individual office/self-provided internet 

  • Open your browser of choice and attempt a new search on If search results DO load, it confirms the internet is up and running.
      • If search results FAIL to load, the internet may be down at your location 
  • Run a speed test on 
    • Does the speed reflect what your contract/service agreement suggests?
    • How does the measured speed change between a wired and wireless connection?  
      • Wireless will typically be a little bit slower, but not significantly with modern hardware 
    • If the measured speed is CLOSE TO the contract speed, the internet is likely functioning correctly
    • If the measured speed is SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER (50% of worse) than the contract speed, the problem may be with the circuit itself or the provided modem/router 

Medical campus/hospital-provided internet 

  • If the internet is provided by the facility entirely, you may have fewer things to check, as the hardware is likely centralized in a secured network closet, and IT should be contacted. These tests can help the IT support staff troubleshoot or diagnose issues.
      •  IMPORTANT – If there is a landing page (captive portal) to authenticate when you connect to WiFi, the headset WILL NOT be able to connect. We recommend using a hotspot or consulting your IT group to provide a standard key-based WiFi network. 
  • Open your browser of choice and attempt a new search on If search results DO load, it confirms the internet is up and running.
      • If search results FAIL to load, the internet may be down at your location.
      • Check this YouTube video - o Does it stream smoothly and clearly, or does it pause/buffer or distort? 

Tips for WiFi placement 

WiFi source (Access Point/Router) location 

Consider the placement of the WiFi device. Is it central to your office space? Is it tucked in a utility closet or closer to the desired exam rooms? Is it possible to add additional access points in a better location, or relocate the existing one? 

Here is an example office. The WiFi signal is coming from the service provider’s integrated router. It is placed in the employee break room, while the visual fields room where the Heru device is planned to be used is across the office on the left side of the floor plan. 

  • Example 1 – Original, poor placement – The Access Point (AP) is distant from the visual fields room and has at least 3 walls, and possibly doors, in the way. It is also far from other areas of the office. 
  • Example 2 – Good placement – The AP is more central and has fewer walls that may degrade the signal between devices. In this example, it may not be optimal as the device would be in the open and moving hardwire connections may not be trivial 6
  • Example 3 – Upgrade option – Leaves existing router in place but adds two ceiling-mounted APs in strategic locations. Visual fields testing will be less likely to “share” the AP with guest traffic. Cabling to other hard-wired locations doesn’t need to be changed. 

    Power Over Ethernet 
  • One additional consideration for this solution is that many dedicated APs can get power directly from the wire, so only a data cable needs to be run and no consideration needs to be made for an additional electrical outlet in the vicinity of the AP. Consult an IT installer for their recommendation specific to your environment. 
  • 8                   9

    Keep devices away from large appliances, particularly microwave ovens, which operate on 2.4GHz.

  • Elevation 

    Access points mounted higher typically have less interference.

• Example – In hospitals, office buildings, etc., APs will be ceiling-mounted 


If the AP/router is under a desk, consider moving it to standing height or above a cabinet. 


Repeaters and Mesh networks 

Eliminate Repeaters (Not Recommended)

Repeaters function by re-broadcasting the signal they receive. This sounds promising, but due to the nature of how WiFi works, will cut the available bandwidth in half (or more). They increase noise in the environment and often cause more problems than they solve. 

Mesh networks 

Mesh networks are the exception to the “eliminate repeaters” guidance. Rather than receiving and rebroadcasting on the same WiFi channel, they use one frequency to communicate with other access points in the same network (known as a wireless backhaul), and a different one to broadcast the client-facing signal. Look for “WiFi 6” (802.11ax 6GHz) mesh systems like Eero Pro or Orbi, to take advantage of this solution. 


Tips for avoiding internet issues on MagicLeap headset

  • Try to avoid connecting the MagicLeap to your office's guest network or any network that is used by a large number of users. The larger traffic on your network the weaker the signal on your ML.

  •  Make sure the ML is sufficiently charged while using. (Here is an article about battery level indicators on the MagicLeap)
  • Avoid using the headset while it's charging. This has been discovered to cause issues with the MagicLeap, specifically with the Heru re:Vive app.
Avoid placing device near Microwaves, Radios, or any other electronic appliance with radio frequency as it can cause internet connection issues.

Heru Dashboard Version 0 1 1_
Please note the WiFi Disconnected status on the Heru re:Vive app does not mean your MagicLeap is disconnected from WiFi.