FAQ Tips

Here are some useful tips to remember.

Magic Leap head mounted device (HMD):

What prescription lenses do I need? Using your distance prescription, calculate your distance spherical equivalent. Spherical equivalent= sphere+ (cylinder/2).



Spherical Equivalent













Contact Lenses- Yes, contact lenses can be worn, as long as both contacts are used for distance. We do not recommend using multifocal contact lenses.

Charging the HMD-HMD holds a 3-hour charge. We recommend charging it during breaks in the clinic schedule as well as overnight. 

Battery needed to start testing- We recommend having your HMD at least at 50% prior to starting testing. Battery levels can be checked via the light pack as shown on the right or in the HMD 

battery indicator                                                                  MagicLeap Lightpack status indicators

Prevent Fogging of Lenses & the HMD display - if a patient is wearing a face mask, it is recommended to place surgical tape on the nose bridge.

 Ensure that HMD sensors are not blocked- When powering on the device, it is recommended to make sure the HMD is not facing a wall or similar obstruction. In addition, after placing the HMD with the light shield on the patient’s head, ensure that the sensors on the right are not blocked. 

hmd sensors

Magic Leap Controller:

Button used for testing- Once the Heru app is open on the HMD, use only the bumper to make selections.

“No input device connected” message- This means the controller is not connected and you need to hold down the home button until you feel a vibration.

Blue beam not visible- In order to make selections on the Magic Leap home screen, turn on the controller and hold it in front of the HMD sensors until the blue beam is visible.

Battery needed to start testing- We recommend having your controller at least at 50% prior to starting testing. Battery level can be checked via the LED Indicator as shown below or in the HMD.                      

Bottom of lightpack and remote copy 2remote indicators           

                    MagicLeap Controller Layout                     MagicLeap Controller status indicators 




Changing the password on the Portal- This can only be done by the Administrator or Super administrator of the account, under the “My Account” tab. Click on the box with the 3 dots by the person’s name who is needing their password changed. Another window will open and allow you to change and confirm the new password.

Unable to find device activation code- This can only be seen if you’re an administrator. If you need to find a device activation code, it can be located on the top right of the My Accounts tab.
        Screen Shot 2022-01-07 at 10.44.39 AM

Changing the default setting of the foveal threshold- When making an appointment, the tech can change the setting by selecting foveal on/off at the time the test is being scheduled.
Screen Shot 2022-01-07 at 10.46.27 AM

Device not showing under select device- When starting a test, your device will have the option of being selected only when the screen on the HMD shows “Press the button to start.”